Friday, December 11, 2020

As promised

Three new dishcloths!

This is the last one I made: just keep increasing along the centre line till you run out of yarn! There was even a bit of yarn chicken here. I was casting off and ran out of yarn two or three stitches before the end, so I took out the cast-off row and just redid it tighter, and got myself several inches of yarn that way! I was quite chuffed. 

The round one. This is the Crazy Eights cloth, a favourite of mine. 

Another fave is the Chinese Waves, which is the same stitch as the Honey Cowl. Nice two-sided texture. 

I don't know if anyone will get these for Christmas, since they are so blah coloured. Probably they will join the ranks here in the kitchen drawer. It may be time to retire some of our older models.  

And now I suppose I have to go back to the mitten! I am reading a book now about tackling a big, fancy, multi-coloured knitting project. One mitten is nothing compared to Mary Tudor. If she can knit that sweater in a year (and write a book about it) I can surely knit one wee mitten in a month or so, right? Stay tuned. 

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