Thursday, December 10, 2020

Wandering about in the cold

Today a friend and I went out eastward to see the new Cherry Street bridge. I had read some hoopla about how lovely this new bridge is, how it will open up new parkland, blah blah blah. 

Perhaps in a few years it will. 

Now it is in place but not connected to anything; it is behind a construction fence. There is hardly even a sidewalk in front of it.

So that was a bit of a let-down! Right now it's not a very lovely part of the world, but there is a "waterfront" path so we walked back towards downtown along that. Lots of new construction, a new college campus, tons of stuff going on. I'm sure one day it'll be grand.

We also stopped for a moment at Sugar Beach, a manufactured beach next to the Redpath Sugar refinery, which my kids once toured and saw a bulldozer moving the sugar around inside! There is even a museum in the refinery, but I have never gone.

The beach has these cute pink umbrellas and must be nice in the summer.

In knitting news, I have made a few dishcloths out of some beigy-browny cotton. They look tea-stained already, fresh off the needles! It is now dark and gloomy here, but I will take some pictures soon in the daylight and show you. 

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