Tuesday, December 01, 2020

December planning

Mid-November I made this list. It's not really a to-do list, as it turned out, but let's have a look. 

  1. It's a month and a bit till Christmas.
  2. I have mailed away the only gift I have to mail, but I guess I should nag my husband about his side of the family. 
  3. I have to write some cards. Cards to family and friends, and eventually cards to complete strangers via Ravelry. I think this year people need cheerful cards, and lots of them. 
  4. I have not acquired all the gifts I want to give to family, because I am not sure what they want/need. 
  5. All this decluttering and non-keeping makes gift-giving more stressful than it should be. Not everyone wants a piece of cheese (although a nice piece of cheese has sort of become a go-to present around here). 
  6. I like to have Christmas cookies around but Stephen can't really eat them. I asked him what he wanted for treats and snacks and he says potato chips and wine. I suggest carrots and celery. He scoffs.
  7. There are other things to think about as well; this is supposed to be a to-do list. 
  8. Knitting: the fancy mitten should take precedence, but it does require constant attention and so I have to have a back-up knit as well. 
  9. I would love to sew all my old jeans up into a nice big blanket. 
I have done all the cards. Will get them in the mail today, or the next time it stops raining.
I have acquired all the gifts, except a couple of back-ordered items which should arrive in a week or so.
I have made cookies, but there are always more cookies to be made. 
Knitting the mitten.... let's just remember that it took me four years to finish the first one. I did start a dishcloth as back-up knitting. 
Blanket! Such fun!

So, can I make a new list? 
  1. Sew the fun blanket
  2. Knit the warm woolly mitten
  3. Make even more cookies
  4. Prepare for the how-do-we-socially-distance-in-the-house visit of my brother. We all lead pretty careful and solitary lives these days so I think the risk is low. 
  5. I have to get to the good butcher shop and get a brisket for Christmas dinner.
  6. I have to decide upon a brisket recipe. Maybe that calls for its own blog post. 
  7. We'll get the tree out and decorations up when youngest child returns from university. 
  8. We hope to have a Zoom Christmas party. Maybe the 18th or so. If we are clever we can entertain people from England to Vancouver Island. I think that is eight time zones. 
Enough to be getting on with, I think!

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