Thursday, April 06, 2006

Easter eggs and orange things

When we went out the other day, I carefully took pictures of a number of yellow and orange things, so now I have a stash of them! Since present knitting is not at all yellow or orange, I'll need some backup, and I can leak these as necessary!

I did get the kids some orange (and pink and blue) felt for making puppets with, and that's where this pic came from.

One of the things on our shopping list was white eggs, because we want to colour them for Easter. Our milkman delivers brown eggs, and 98.6% of the eggs in the shops are brown. Or is it 99.9%? Anyways, we couldn't find white eggs. But we did find lovely blue-y greeny eggs! They are called Cotswold Legbar eggs. Quite beautiful to look at, and since the hens are lovingly looked after and, according to the box, "free to range and forage on green pasture from dawn to dusk," the eggs are tasty as heck, too. The box also tells us stuff like this: They have "everything that a normal healthy hen requires for its freedom of expression and fullness of life." Arthur asked what freedom of expression meant, so we said these hens could read or write whatever books they liked and make any kind of artwork they wanted, and no one would tell them not to. So there.

Now we just need to find the little egg-dyeing kits. Perhaps if there are no white eggs, that would explain the lack of egg dyes in the shops!


  1. Wow, I've never seen egg-dyeing kits. The only egg dyeing I've ever done is boiling eggs wrapped up in onion skin. (red or white onions tied on with string, you get some interesting effects) or painting blown eggs. And yeah, mostly we get brown eggs. A friend of mine once had boxes and boxes full of palish eggs which he said had come from a friend of his who supplied eggs to the house of commons. Apparently MPS like their eggs brown and speckledy and the whiter ones don't meet their exacting standards.

  2. Tish (, 11:02

    I'd offer to send you one but I don't think it'd arrive in time. You can get pretty good results using the liquid or paste food color dyes in water and a little vinegar. I don't remember the exact ratios but I'm sure it's on the web somewhere, and the darker dyes would probably work on the lighter brown eggs. Or maybe the kids could use the felt and googly eyes and make costumes for the brown eggs instead (elves, bears...)

  3. I've just seen this:

    - don't know if it's any use to you.

  4. Except that no, it won't be any use to you like that - try

    See you later!

  5. There used to be a place in Willingham called Rainbow crafts that sold them (haven't been for ages, so not sure if it is still going). Also I think that Lakeland (near Sainsburys in town centre) stocks them.

    where did you get the Cotswold legbar eggs? I love them, but have to take 2 buses to get any (from Tesco, Bar Hill)


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