Monday, April 24, 2006

In which we discuss some knitting

The jean jacket is done and on its way to its new home. The kid involved is not even one yet, and I made the 2-3 year size. Holy oversized: it almost fits Elaine! (Lucky I tried it on her; she discovered some ends that hadn't been sewn in!) She's not really holding her nose, but I think she's rubbing her eye??

I'm not sure what went wrong with fitting it all together. I read something wrong in the instructions for the back, I guess, and made the armholes too large, which started everything off wrong. I thought they looked very big, but since the denim shrinks, I couldn't be sure how it would turn out! Reason #27 for not bothering with the wee little indent for a drop-shoulder sleeve!

I also (ahem) never really swatched, but assumed that my Twilley's denim would be the same as the Rowan, and just maybe, I shoulda swatched!

Anyways, I hope it will be worn for years to come, even with rolled-up sleeves for several months or years.... I love the mismatched buttons.

I also completed another couple of hats for charity from my thrift store score. This fleshy, beige-like, pinkish ick is the ugliest colour around... Liz suggested dyeing it, but I think I'm not that committed to it. Two hundred-gram balls = one medium and two large hats. I had about 4 inches of green left!

My tea cosy is half-done. And my denim bag is all knitted just fine, but I need to figure out the lining business. Ack, sewing and cutting and all that stuff!

And just so I feel I'm doing my part for Project Spectrum, another yellow picture! Very scary!