Thursday, April 27, 2006

Growing things

I had a lovely bunch of pictures and witty and important text, and stooopid old Blogger (with perhaps some "human error" involved) deleted it. This picture was all that remained...

It is fritillaries! Not in this case a butterfly, but wacky upside-down flowers growing in Christ's Pieces here. And do click and go see that butterfly, it's amazing!

I also must share with you our chestnut tree! Arthur picked up the sprouted chestnut one day on a walk, and planted it, although the sprouted part was a bit broken. It seems to have taken care of itself, and is now growing at a rate of about a centimeter a day! I'm a bit hesitant to set it free in our wee little garden, because it will one day get very, very big! (We hope!)

I'll cross my fingers and click "Publish" now...

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