Friday, July 21, 2006

Some choice pictures

Here are the kids on the platform at King's Cross. You can see how thrilled they are to be sitting on a pile of luggage.

And here's the chopsticks and knitting. I got Elaine to take a picture or two of me in the airport getting started, but I had bad hair and looked too fat. This happened when we got to the Ed VIII post box, too -- I looked at a picture Arthur had taken and then asked him to take another, with me looking more fit and trim, and he still had me looking fat! These kids... Anyways, my new get thin regime involves moving from a two-storey house to a 4-storey house. All the junk is in the basement or main floor, and has to get to the bedrooms on the top floor! So, thin thighs in 30 days, for sure....

And while we were in London we went to the Geffrye Museum and took this picture in the garden.

Wow, three pictures and a link! Soon I'll have my own network connection, and a mouse would be nice, too. Hmm, a desk?? But from a laptop actually on my lap, I think I'm doing okay!

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