Saturday, July 29, 2006

Back to our regularly scheduled program

I think I can stop whining about unpacking now. Well, I'll be unpacking and rearranging for some time, but I'll try to talk about something else! And I really don't want to complain about the heat and humidity, but it's hard... My forearms are sweating, something that doesn't happen just anywhere. Yesterday a bunch of parents went to watch 6-year-old gymnastics camp in a gym, and my, talk about hot! The kids had fans on them, but we grown-ups were just sweltering. It's too hot to do anything, except perhaps go to an air-conditioned shopping mall!

Okay, let's see about some knitting. I did make it to Romni the other day, during their 20% off sale, and I got some stuff. Cheap dishcloth cotton (and really, with these colours, who would pay more?), some garish striping sock yarn for Arthur, and a few balls for the big old wool sweater.

I'm not finding this dishcloth as engrossing as some people do. It's okay, but I'm not going to make a million of them. Perhaps if I had a better colourway, it'd be more fun! I did unearth some more of this cotton in some good greens, but it's too hot to sort stash right now...

I will one day work on the unfinished sock pairs. I have 2 socks done, but different patterns. And another started, but it doesn't match either finished one! These turned out quite odd. The pooling on the leg is on 68 stitches, and the foot, where the colour pattern is much different, is 66 stitches. I toyed with ripping the whole thing out and redoing it with 66 on the leg, but Arthur likes the lightning-bolt look, so we'll stick with it. Just need to graft this toe, then I can use the needles to make sock #2.

And, I know some of you are wondering about the post box situation. Indeed, I shudder when I think of it myself. Look at this, a typical downtown Canadian mail box. Graffiti'd, postered, but at least upright. This is not always the case, as, despite the large weight in the grey base, these can get tipped over. Victoria would never allow her boxes to be tipped over. I think this may be the last postal pic for a while!

On the new-name front: Stephen tells me he will make my life more wonderful with some Mac thingy that he will get. It'll practically write the blog, it'll be more beautiful and easy and all that. But we don't have it just yet. So, instead of setting up new blog #1 and then having to switch again, we'll just all pretend we are still on the Cam for a while longer.

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  1. Eeek - sweating forearms is bad. The worst of the heat seems to be over here for a while. Hurrah.

    The sock is definitely garish - I'm afraid I would also toy with ripping it out - but Arthur says no, and who am I to argue?

    And it's kind of nice to pretend you're still on the Cam (except I can't see you turning up to meetups over here...)


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