Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Home again, at last

We've arrived... We spent most of yesterday sitting at Heathrow, glad to be rid of our huge amount of luggage, and fretting about how we would deal with it all at the Toronto end. Flight was uneventful. Terrible Harrison Ford movie -- I hope that he was supposed to look miserable, because he sure did. Of course, it might have been better if I'd listened to the sound.... I asked the woman at the check-in about knitting, and she said I could take wooden needles. But I didn't have any wooden needles, so I stuck with plan A, which was Rowan Chunky Print on chopsticks. I made a narrow but long scarf, but finished it over the middle of the Atlantic.

Got to our house. The tenants left a rather large amount of junkola. Recycling in a pile. Spent candles all over the place. Furniture not where we left it. I think they ran out of dishwasher soap shortly before moving, and so ran the dishwasher without soap a few times, so everything is sort of mucky. Nothing devastating, but lots of little cleaning up to do, and of course, we have to unpack our 7 bags, 1 box, 2 carry-ons and whatever, plus the basement pile we left.

Sorry, no pictures. Where is the camera-to-computer cable? Which neighbour's wireless shall I use? And all that jazz. Haven't unpacked the stash yet, but Arthur will help with that!

Oh, and I hope to have a new name for the blog soon! Did you know that "Mary Knits" backwards is "Stinky Ram"? But I don't think I'll use that...


  1. Welcome home.

    Uh, yes rams are often stinky..

  2. Welcome home. I love hte knitting on chopsticks part. And I LOVE Stinky Ram.

  3. Funny in how many blogs I've read recently about people moving house and losing their camera-to-computer cable. Good news is that they've all turned up...

    Love the anagram, but it couldn't possibly be relevant to someone who loves laundry as much as you do...

  4. Stinky Ram is great, but how about The Perfumed Ewe? ;) I'm glad you got home safe and sound, even if it is a bit mucky, and you ran out of knitting on the way... You can tell Arthur that every time I hear the pigeons out the back I think of him and his HooHoo bird...

  5. Oh yes, I think Alison's spot on with The Perfumed Ewe. Glad to hear that you're safely home and think that the chopsticks were a total brainwave. You should design some in-flight meal kits, I feel.


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