Sunday, July 23, 2006

Not cleaning anything

I'll just sit here on the porch, catching the neighbours' wireless and taking a break from cleaning. I just washed all the cutlery, and the drawer, and soon I'll go back in and rearrange it all. Since I try not to gripe on the blog, I'll not go into all the grrrrrs and arggggggs about moving back into the house. But really, worse words than that were flying around the place as we discovered the extent of the carelessness of our tenants....

I have rediscovered some stash. I have some lovely felting projects in mind for my Patons Classic Merino, and I found some nice pinky cotton for a top for Elaine, and I found my one poor ball of Kidsilk Haze -- I was making a lace scarf with it, and making too many mistakes, so I tried to rip it out. It wasn't quite in a tangled mess, but somewhere along the line the yarn got broken and it looks forlorn, a few inches of lace off the needles.

Sometime next week I plan a trip to Romni Wools, a giant shop with everything a girl could want. I need more colours for my many coloured Lopi sweater. I know I said I'd finish it in England, but I didn't manage. It's destined to be a gift, but the grand occasion isn't coming up any time soon, so I'm not really in a rush.

Okay, must go dry dishes and put things away. Next time, perhaps some pictures!