Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Are we there yet?

We have a houseful of boxes and bags. We have to show the landlady the house tomorrow, and it'd be nice if she could actually see the floor. Stephen and I keep going back and forth about "We can fit it all in, easy" and "Go get more boxes, we'll have to mail a ton of stuff!" Right now, he's on the fit it in side, and I'm on the "we'll never make it" side. I'm sure that'll change several times over the next few hours, as we unearth and sort more stuff...

We had a bash here to say farewell, except I think I'll be seeing most people one more time. Anne blogged it all here. I love it when I can make one dish and have a party with loads of good food!

And since no one wants to see a picture of my house of bags, I'll just show you Arthur, then and now. We've not quite been here a year, but I started fiddling with the blog before we left Toronto, so I've actually passed my blogiversary without noticing. One day in June I thought it was July, and thought then that I'd passed the date, but now, really, I have. Happy belated blogiversary to me.

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  1. Enjoy your last few days Mary - we're looking forward to your return soon. The Vermont Square wading pool is filled and ready for splashing! Oh, and happy bloggiversary - you've kept it up pretty well, haven't you? :) sue


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