Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh, so schnell und trendy, mit 3 colours

I've been thinking of this yarn for some time. It's denim, 100% cotton, shrinks and fades with use... It's heavier than Rowan Denim, and seems a bit softer initially. And I see it whenever I go to the depths of Romni's sale room.

I was there yesterday, and lo and behold, there was a sale on! An extra 20% off the sale price... What could I do?!

There was enough of the dark to make a whole garment, but I don't like it as much as the others, so I picked up all the light and medium there was, plus a few of the dark. The balls are only 50 meters each.

I have crazy plans, or perhaps "ideas" would be a better word. I think of Gee's Bend quilts, patchwork denim jackets for hippy-wannabes from the early 70s, sampler lace bits...

This will take some thought and planning and hemming and hawing. I want texture as well as colour. But somehow, it shouldn't look too tacky*!

Gad, maybe I should make a blanket...

* I used to link to a picture of a tacky denim jacket here, but I am sick of being connected to that picture. My stats will show a dip, for sure, but the picture was never here anyways! I'm sure you can all imagine a jacket in your minds...


  1. aw, come on, go for the 80's look!

  2. Eeek, what is that man wearing? I'm sure you'll devise something altogether more aesthetically pleasing.


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