Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catching the bus, and magic beans

Me: Arthur, hurry, we have to get the 8:34 bus this morning, because I have to take you to school and then zoom back and register Elaine for swimming. Here, pack your lunch!

Arthur: Yeah, okay okay...

Me: Ack, it's garbage day, put the garbage out, get your lunch, hurry hurry.

Dash to the bus stop, get there somewhat past 8:34. The next bus is at 8:49.

Me: Did you get a muffin for your lunch?

Arthur: I don't know, I just grabbed the bag.

Me: Did you take yesterday's stuff out at all?

Arthur: ... (blank stare)....

Dash back home, giving sage advice about preparation and responsibility which likely goes in one ear and out the other. Get there at 8:50, rearrange lunch stuff. The next bus is at 9:03.

Me: Okay, now you can still get to school for 9:30* but now I have to go stand in this lineup to register Elaine for swimming, so you'll have to go by yourself and I have to go do this.

Arthur: Okay, fine.

So, I go stand in line. The line is out the door of the building. Some people have been there since 8 am. Jokes about rock concerts are made by the middle-aged dads in the line. (Moms don't joke about standing in line, and likely can't remember rock concerts very well.)

Nine o'clock comes, the line starts moving and by 9:10 I have deposited my piece of paper and am home. Clearly, if I'd arrived half an hour later, I would have had no wait at all and my registration would maybe be a dozen down the list. Sheesh. Lucky I didn't get there at 8 and wait a whole hour!

Lesson: Relax, it's only swimming lessons.

They are patching the holes on our street, so there is a very stinky tarry machine out there. I took the back lane home to avoid the stinkiness as much as possible and found some dried up beans hanging over a neighbour's fence.

I wonder if I can keep them till next spring to plant them and grow a magic beanstalk!

*Love this school schedule of 9:30-4!

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