Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Another kind of winter project

My dad took lots of pictures, lots of slides on good ol' Kodachrome. And then time passes, and people move and travel less and don't take slides and don't have room and ... what happens to the slides? Well, this is what happened to our family slides:

They got mailed to my house. So.

I will take box by box and slide tray by slide tray, scanning the super dooper ones. I am trying to think of what to do with the rest... I would like to make a stained-glass-window sort of thing with the gazillion pictures of pretty flowers or great views. I do have 4 siblings who probably don't want me to hog the whole lot and turn them into lampshades...

I took the first box down to the slide projector in the basement to find that my dad's trays won't work in my slide projector, and I have to take every slide out, turn it 90 degrees, and put it in a different tray. So far I have seen 80 quite stunning pictures of the view up the Sechelt Inlet at various times of day and times of year. A lovely view, indeed, but next time I'll make sure there are pictures of ME! Also, I didn't know about the turning 90 degrees part at first, so I sat with my head cricked over... But now I know!

Stay tuned for pictures of me and my sibs 30 years ago, along with lampshades of sunsets and mountains ... some day!

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  1. Welcome home!

    Would it be easier to put the word out to your local network and find a slide projector that can take those trays? That could prevent a lot of swearing.


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