Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poetry, art, all that stuff

Oh, dear. London is so far away.

The Poetry Society is collecting knitted squares with letters on them, and blank squares (of which I think they still need a lot) to make a poem. They are sewing it up this weekend, and you are, naturally, invited to help them out.

I myself will be finishing Elaine's sweater, yes I will.

I might go to a yarn swap up at Knitomatic, although I've swapped away most of the stuff I don't want any more! Maybe I'll throw in some needles or patterns.

And I shall be perusing Flickr to see what's new in medieval gold!

These are from the Staffordshire Hoard, and this is one of their pictures. The things are beautiful, and so fine, and that thingmabob on the left there reminds me a lot of a pattern (on Ravelry) from Alice Starmore's Celtic Knitting! There are intertwined beasts, and Latin words and Celtic keys. Gorgeous stuff.