Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pretty pictures from our holiday

We spent the week before Labour Day on Oxtongue Lake near Algonquin Park. There were hardly any bugs, and not so many visitors, either! We were sort of between the summer holiday-ers and the Fall leaf watchers.

You can imagine this view when the trees turn in a few weeks! There is a rebuilt fire tower near the town of Dorset for people to climb up. At the top you get this view; at the bottom is this sculpture:

This is what Arthur was seeing:

Ye olde canoe on a peaceful lake...

We had a cottage near the beach, so the kids could venture into the water on occasion. The resort provided canoes and kayaks; there was, in the top right corner below, a large inflatable iceberg you could swim up to, climb, and then slide down! I only saw one person do that, the whole week, and it wasn't one of us!

Early in the morning the lake looked like this:

Misty and chill.

There was a fire pit where people sat around trying to roast marshmallows in the evening. Since most people don't have the patience to wait for perfect coals, many marshmallows were burnt, but it was fun. The moon was very close to full, and the fire pit was the perfect place to watch it rise over the hills! One night we watched the full moon rise, and the water was just ripply enough to reflect the moonlight in that lovely, cliche way! No camera, and very hard to photograph, anyways!

A couple of times we went into the park and followed their little nature trails. Saw a pond with lily pads.

There's a heron in the middle somewhere here:

I took lots of pictures of bark and roots and fungus and lichen, as usual.

When we got home, we found that nature had come to us, as well, and this lovely creature had taken up residence on our back porch: