Sunday, September 06, 2009

The easy stuff first

I have bajillions of pictures to show you from our week away, of lakes and trees and such, but it is easiest just now to show you what I knitted.

The socks got equal legs, and now one of them has a bit of a foot. We went with a subdued and manly grey for the part that would be hidden by the shoe, and I have promised a bright orange toe.

The stocking stitch in Rowan Magpie is called Zack. I'm making the body all in one, as you can see. At the last minute I went out and got this brown for trim (and pocket linings).

The brown linings will be mostly secret, hidden behind a top on the pocket. Normally I would just put the front-of-pocket stitches on a holder, but we were out in the wild woods, so they got cast off. Not to worry.

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