Friday, September 18, 2009

Some knitting news and other tidbits

I have a tiny bit of knitting news to share.

Zack, the little jacket for Elaine, is coming right along. The original pattern calls for drop shoulders and enormous sleeves, but I have decided to raglanize the thing. I am being very fancy-pants as well, and making a 4-stitch cable up the raglan line.

I notice that I haven't added anything finished lately to my list of 52 things for 52 weeks, so I really want to get this done. Besides, I have a million billion things I want to get on with. Not a very restful, stress-free attitude, is it? Ah well.

And this is why I haven't been complaining about the weather lately! We have had lovely late-summer weather, no rain, and clear skies for the most part. If you click the photo you might be able to spot a wee bit of red towards the right side, but our leaves have not really started to turn, except for a few here and there. I usually walk past this view several times a week, so maybe I can show you how things progress.

Then there's the slides project I mentioned!

This glamour-puss is my mom, about 45 years ago, with her leather purse she made, and Heinrich, our beloved VW bus!

I am finding the enormity of this project is a bit overwhelming. Our scanner does one slide at a time, but can make good copies. I had visions of things going a bit faster... There are a lot of pictures of views, places my dad went to conferences, pretty flowers, which I'm not that interested in, but when we hit upon "Family 1962-67," well, that was great fun! For example, here's me and my brother in 1965 by the farm we lived on near Chipping Campden.

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  1. What fun, but what an undertaking! It's on my 'someday'
    list of things to do.


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