Saturday, February 13, 2010

A day late, but done

The pre-Olympic sock sprint is over, and although I stumbled across the finish line a day late, I am pleased that these socks are done and out of the way.

Now I shall mail them off to San Francisco and they shall end up keeping some Afghan child a bit warm.

And, start on my real Olympic project. Oh, indecision and confusion! I said on the Yarn Harlot's sign-up page that I would make Sedate from Rowan 47, but I am not using the designer's yarn, I haven't swatched, I just noticed the sleeves have lace knitting on right and wrong side rows.... I think I should be prepared to give that project more time, and I should go back to idea #48c, which is work on Birch.

Also, I have that pile of UFOs to wrap up....

Real Olympic athletes don't have to fuss about whether they are skiers or skaters, do they?

Edited a few hours later: I knit one plain row of Birch, then I stared at it and skimmed over the pattern to find which row I should be doing. Then I made up something completely wrong and knit about 200 stitches before figuring out what I should really do. Then I tinked out those 200 stitches and knit the one pattern row, and one plain row. And that is the evening's work: 3 lousy rows. This will be a marathon, for sure!

Read what the pattern actually says, and look at your work!


  1. Oh I hope you weren't ripping out kidsilk haze - ouch!

  2. love the finished socks! the blue toes are the perfect touch!

    oooh - sorry birch is giving you fits - hopefully the worst is over and you'll have smooth sailing from here on out!


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