Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If I were the betting sort....

I'm not sure I would be betting on myself to finish this Olympic challenge!

I feel like the women racing in the giant slalom right now, in the snow. We all know that when it's snowing, the proper thing to do is head to the hot tub, but they are out there racing and falling through the muck, with zero visibility and icy faces.

I don't have an icy face, but conditions are not perfect for Olympic knitting. Like, for example, I should not completely ignore the needs of my family to eat, in relatively clean surroundings.

I just tell myself that though I have 140 rows to go (more or less) the rows do get shorter, so all is not lost. However, if I find myself with 100 rows still to go and no time, all will be lost.

Okay, enough dithering. I'll go unearth a kitchen counter and then resume knitting. And then I'll have to watch another hockey game tonight -- ack, no, I'm supposed to go out and actually socialize with other humans tonight -- oh, where's that hot tub?

Added some time later: Oh, was that a game! The USA-Switzerland game was way more exciting than I had expected! I just saw the last period, but hooo-boy that was thrilling hockey!