Friday, February 26, 2010

The blob

Here it is, my Olympic shawl:

Not a pretty sight, is it?

We have a few more thrilling hockey games to go. Elaine is having a friend over tomorrow morning, which may give me more or less knitting time -- hard to predict these things. Arthur has to be taken to a party tomorrow afternoon, which will take someone an hour. The kitchen is really a disaster. It has finally snowed a decent amount, so I think we are going sliding in the park after school.

And a shawl is not finished till it's blocked, so I have to get it finished a wee bit before the very last minute.

When is that last minute, anyways? Ah, it looks like the ceremonies start at 8:30 pm TO time on Sunday, so that's just loads of time. Right, loads of time! Right??


  1. plenty of time to block and pin. It's the best part of lace work!

  2. that yarn is so lovely! can't wait to see it when it's blocked!

  3. you are incredible- you knit that just during the olympics? wowza! and i'd say it's definitely a pretty sight!

  4. Well you could have done lots during the US Finland game, since it was over in the first 12 minutes!


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