Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's hard to knit lace and watch hockey at the same time

Oh, Em, Gee.
US 1, Canada 0, after 49 seconds of play.
And how can I pay attention to my Birch? Do I risk dropped stitches, or do I put it aside for a couple of hours? Eeeeek!

Time passes:

Are you watching this?! Halfway through the first period, 2-1 for the other guys. And I can tell you things are tough when you mess up the stitch over a K2tog. Perhaps I'd best just watch the game...

End of second period: 3-2, US still in the lead. Looks like I'll have to stay up past my bedtime to see the end of this. Birch progress is minimal.

Oh, boo hoo! We took our goalie out in the last minute to try to tie it up before the end of the game, but to no avail -- the Americans scored one last time to win 5-3!

Good game, guys, and .... grr, next time!!

Approximately 3 rows were knitted.


  1. oooh - i *am* watching this!! canada JUST scored to tie it up! what an exciting game we've got going, eh?

    i can't imagine knitting lace right now - i'm working on a garter stitch mitered square and it's all i can do to remember that one measly decrease on every other side!

    enjoy the hockey!!

  2. I'm amazed that you managed to knit anything!

  3. At least you get to see the hockey. We only get most of the games on cable here, and I don't have cable! We may have to find a bar for the rest of the games.


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