Friday, January 02, 2015

Around again

I was wondering about knitting goals for 2015 and looked back at my first post of 2014.

Let's just take a look at that year-old list:
  1. second mitten  {oh, still to do!}
  2. green sock   {got both of them done, yay me}
  3. Elaine's socks  {done like dinner!}
  4. the cotton shawl with the miserable edging   {yessirree, done!}
  5. Malabrigo scarf  {it makes me sneeze! and I need the pattern with me so it's not subway knitting, but I shall persevere}
  6. Botticelli {Oh, I want this! and don't have toooo much more to do}
  7. Sunday Best  {This deserves a whole multi-paragraph explanation}
  8. that beautiful golden shawl you might not have seen but I have knitted about an inch on it  {yeah, right}
So now. We could just take out the finished items from that list and get this new list:
  1. second mitten
  2. Malabrigo scarf
  3. Botticelli
  4. Sunday Best
  5. that beautiful golden shawl you might not have seen but I have knitted about an inch on it
However, there are new things to consider!

  1. Temperature scarf. This is ongoing and won't be finished till Dec 20, 2015.
  2. I started Samen over the holidays. As is the way with top-down shawls, the rows are getting longer and longer, but I am enjoying the garter simplicity and the sneaky stocking stitch wedges. 
  3. Those Kaffe Fassett squares. A finite project, one would think, but you know what happens when my attention is diverted.
  4. I have one sock done for Elaine and one done for Arthur and they both need to be pairs. 
  5. I have a number of bits of a blanket that have to be dealt with. I was going along just fine, and then some breeze blew me off course. 
Now, just leave this with me for a bit and I'll get all organized and sorted and arranged, get back to you with pictures and a plan. For one thing, I want that second golden mitten by March, when I will put aside my big winter mitts for something lighter!

Oh, look over there, pretty!