Monday, January 05, 2015

My Samen

When I finished the grey sweater -- lots of plain knitting in the round with a bit of action here and there -- I just had to move to something still easy (because Christmas) but colourful! So I had a wee bit of fun collecting up some fingering and laceweight yarns to make Stephen West's Samen.

It is a plain ol' shawl, garter stitch mostly, increasing at the centre and at the edges. But the thrilling bit is that every once in a while you work short rows on only one side, which makes a long, asymmetric scarf, and the second thrilling bit is that you use five colours, mixing them two by two, so using AB, BC, CD, DE and then EA, before starting all over again.

Since I did this all on the spur of the moment, I didn't have nicely graduated colours but I did manage to gather enough to get a good start.

I ran out of the orange (colour A) halfway through its second bit, so now A and D are very similar. Also, the one I chose for E is very dark. The whole thing makes me think, "Yeah, it's good, getting out of my comfort zone." I think the orange and the blue are marvellous and I wish I hadn't run out of orange. And I'm going to run out of blue! I have sparkly blue, and somewhere I have a teeny bit of navy Kidsilk Haze that might work.

See, thrilling, right? The suspense is killing me.