Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What a lot of stitches

Samen is done.

Well, I do still have to sew in a dozen ends, but I'll get to that this evening. 


That is not a baby shoe, but a proper size 7 or 8 adult shoe. Kind of a long wingspan, which is great!

Wedges of stocking stitch with a few eyelets to add excitement.

The last garter stitch chunk used up last bits of all the colours.

I even got some of the beautiful blue in on the cast-off row. The instructions for the cast-off are perfectly clear: k 2 tog tbl, then put the stitch back on the left-hand needle and do it again. I was tbl-ing along just fine, until I realised I was purling instead of knitting! No way I was undoing this... enough is enough! And it is fine. It's almost noon and it's -17º, so a big woolly scarf is just what I need!

Loving all the colour combinations!


  1. Gorgeous! And a great day to wear it, for sure. Icy blue!

  2. oh the colors in this are making me swoon!
    so gorgeous - wonderful job!!


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