Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Some other art thing

I don't have pictures of Stephen's art today, but a week or so ago we went to another art event I want to show you.

You could buy buttons

It was called In/Future and was held at Ontario Place. I went to Ontario Place once in 1975, I think, and it was sort of keen. People who grew up here in Toronto can be very sentimental about it, bursting into song at the mere mention of the place.

Great font, even on the garbage cans

The Cinesphere was the very first IMAX theatre. Didn't know that, didja?

The Cinesphere, with some legs

There are silos that used to have educational displays about the weather in them, and pods and bridges, and it's all a bit "modern" and concrete.

Bridge 7


Now it is temporarily empty, and looks abandoned. So, the In/Future people said, hey, empty space, let's put some art there.

You have to be this tall to ride on the Wilderness Adventure ride. We saw the animals from this ride -- not pretty!

This big parachute-like thing billowed in the wind in one of the silos.

The tallest silo hosted these hanging reels of tape. Very beautiful!

Outside, someone had found and arranged a big pile of bricks. There were blackened ones, dark ones, yellowish ones and white ones. This is an artwork I would like in my front yard. (Luckily Toronto has a big spit going out into the lake where construction debris has been dumped for generations, so there are lots of bricks available.)

This is very cool, and would have been better if there had been more wind. These are cymbals atop poles, and there are drumsticks attached to strings. When the poles sway in a breeze, the sticks and cymbals interact. They look like giant otherworldly flowers.

Ah, the tinsel building. It's nice to see a shiny, tinsel-covered building on a sunny day, even if I don't think it "hints at the power inside of the structure."

We were standing admiring the tinsel when along came a swan. I think these swans used to be available to rent, and pedal or paddle around the water surrounding the Cinesphere. This is the last surviving swan, being propelled by some friendly folk. I believe they were the king and queen of something.

Of course it wouldn't be a Toronto thing without some interactive stuff for school kids to do. I think classes had come in during the week to build a dream city. Spot the Canadian flag. 

I have no idea what this originally was. The font is all wrong! But I do like it.

There were also video artworks and lots of other installations. There was at least one stage, but I kind of suspect more. We were cool enough to go see this rather huge display of really varied artworks in a location that was familiar, yet so odd. But we were not cool enough to know one should really go at night! We saw one music act, but couldn't stay to see the Imax movie. We went on the last day, instead of getting a pass for the whole 11 days. But we did have a really pleasant day wandering around.

(I realised I didn't link all the art pieces to their blurbs... You can find all the info here if you are interested.)