Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Well, there goes October

It seems I haven't blogged in three weeks. Now I am thinking, "why blog now when November is coming and I can blog every day?" This is not especially reasonable, I know.

Here's a mini-post for you:

  1. I started the Stephen West mystery knitalong, but after the first part of the first clue, I said, "yuck," and moved on. Perhaps that was precipitous of me, but...
  2. this allowed me to start Color Craving, a Stephen West shawl I have liked for a long time. 
  3. I didn't actually buy the pattern, but am looking at the old MKAL notes and videos and chat and pictures, and I'm pretty sure that my shawl will be extremely similar to one knit by following the pattern.
  4. I have yet to take a picture of the work in progress, and it is now 800 stitches scrunched up on three 80 cm needles, so not a pretty sight.
  5. We'll see what it looks like in a week or so when I am done. 
And a dahlia: