Saturday, October 01, 2016

October is here

Oh, my, October already.

This is the month of the Stephen West mystery knitalong. Last year I made the Doodler, mostly from stash, and gave it away. This year's mystery is called Building Blocks and needs four colours.

I didn't have enough of anything just lying around, and I didn't want to spend $100+ on something that I have no idea about (except it should be great...) so I got some 6-ply sock yarn from the sale basement at Romni and I'm good to go.

The first "clue" or part of the pattern is released next Friday. So I am at loose ends until then. I have another Koigu hat on the go, and I got some nice cotton someone gave me out of the cupboard and looked at it, but I have nothing compelling on the needles.

This weekend Stephen is showing his science-y art at the Queen West Art Crawl, which has meant renting a car (a giant SUV) and driving back and forth to the park where the show is. Today, after delivering him and his art to the park, I sat on hold with the "emergency roadside assistance" because there were two large nails in a tire and I wanted them to come and change the tire. It was a bit drizzly, so every tow truck and tire-changing guy was busy, but after a couple of hours and a couple of phone calls we have a crappy spare on our fancy SUV, which should last until Monday (a few more back-and-forths). I drive when I go out west, and I drove all the time when I lived in Texas, or California, but I am not a big-city driver at all. Nerve-wracking I call it... Pedestrians and bikes and streetcars all over the place!

My October goals, aside from getting to Monday without driving into anything, are to keep up with the knitalong clues and to maybe finish my Koigu hat. Anything more would just be gravy!