Sunday, October 02, 2016

Something I knitted

Well, look at this, a knitted thing.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I got some Malabrigo yarn. I made things up as I went along and at one point had a triangle of blue, with a green scarf off one side and an orange scarf growing out of another... It was going to be great...

But truly, the yarn irritated my nose so much I never knit  it -- once I realized all those "colds" had to do with knitting soft wool or mohair or Lopi or ... on and on.

This sat around for years. So, the other day I un-kitchenered this lovely, leafy, reversible scarf from the rest of it and I filled the house with wool fluff by frogging the triangle and the orange bit. (I do have a vacuum cleaner.)

Of course, this is not really long enough to be a scarf on its own. I think I was very clever to sew it up into a cowl, with the pointy bit doing its pointy thing.

It is not very snug; we will see how excellent it is in a couple of months when it gets cold enough to need such a thing.