Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Went shopping

Happy November.

Last weekend I went to the Creativ Festival, a badly spelled "sew show" that happens twice a year. Lots of sewing and quilting, a bit of knitting. My friend nearly bought a new iron and I was compelled to buy some pickled beets and chutney, but we were actually pretty restrained.

Has anyone used these weirdo needles? You use three instead of four or five straight double-points. Kind of cute, slightly flexible plastic... harder for stitches to fall off the ends but otherwise they seemed not special. I decided I didn't need any new sock needles!

I did buy yarn... polyester with sticky-out bits, meant for making dishcloths. I'll give it a try, because who can resist innovation in dishcloths?

Ah, Madeline Tosh. These two crazy colours were on sale, at 75% off. I now realise I should have just bought it all, but I stopped at 5 unicorn tails of each colour, about 240 meters of each.

The yellow is better in this next picture. It's called Edison Bulb, and is kind of loud! I'm thinking of something mosaic, or I could go brioche with these two... Will have to ponder.

I am almost finished my pseudo-Stephen West shawl, but it's all scrunched up on the needles and won't really be worth taking a picture of for a day or two, when I get it cast off. And I hope to show you when that happens -- it's November and I will make an effort to blog more often.

Until tomorrow, then!


  1. I've never seen needles like that!! Interesting... I love those Unicorn Tails! Lucy Hague (http://www.ravelry.com/designers/lucy-hague) has been doing some interesting things with two-color dimensional cables that might interest you.

    1. Oh, those are some gorgeous shawls, thanks for pointing me there!

  2. Oh, goody, I love November when I can visit every day! Looking forward to it all. Love, Me


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