Sunday, November 06, 2016

A plan for 2017

I belong to a vintage knitting group on Ravelry, and someone came up with the bright idea for a 1880-1980 knitalong for the whole of 2017. My plan is to use my "bazaar" and accessories books and knit things like a teacosy or a stuffed penguin.

Since I have to come up with something to say for 24 more days of November, I won't show you all my booklets at once, but here's a taste.

I think the first thing I will start in January is a Gossamer-Light Lacy Bed-Wrap from this one. I'm considering a rainbow Kauni yarn! More info closer to the time.

This one is full of toilet roll covers and some pretty awful dolls. I think I started to crochet that owl in 1972, but my mom and I got mixed up with the American and English terms -- a bit vague in my mind, but of course it was either too big or too small... I have no idea what happened to it! And while I recognize the owl, I know I bought this book rather more recently than 1972! 

The third bizarre book is this, the Third Bazaar Book! 

Sometimes I think it will be a challenge to find a desirable item from each of my dozen or so booklets; I'm only doing one toilet roll cover!

So, that's 2017 settled, then. One vintage thing a month; maybe a wrap, maybe a boiled-egg cosy. And of course I'll just finish up all my works-in-progress between now and January 1!

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