Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Aiming for peace

This is a very knitterly thing to do: someone is offering a cowl pattern that comes with peaceful tips. I believe the idea is we get our pattern, and can read along on her blog and have a moment of thinking about peace each day as we knit. Can't hurt, I say. I haven't actually looked at things this person has designed, but I thought this was such a nice idea.

Perhaps I'd best go have a look... Oh, this is nice! I will look at the pattern when I get it, but I think I might use the pinkish stuff I recently got. (Not sure I showed you this before; it was a prize for the para-Rava-games. I've given away the pinker ones and now only have the more orangey on the left, which is still pretty pink.)

Oh! Or my Edison Bulb!

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