Saturday, November 05, 2016

A revolution in dishrags

In many ways, the dishrag is the perfect thing to knit. It is quick and portable, and infinitely variable. You can do a knit and purl picture, you can do a repeating pattern, you can use colours and slipped stitches and bobbles and cables. And when you are done, you can wash your dishes.

As I told you the other day, I recently bought a new kind of dishcloth yarn. It is scratchy and polyester and garishly coloured. It's called Scrubby, and has threads of twisted polyester sticking out all over.

With this yarn, it seems that any colour pattern has to be very simple because one's lines get blurred; any texture pattern would be completely hidden in the fuzz.

I made this garter-stitch striped cloth in a few short hours, and I think that despite its drawbacks, this yarn might turn out to be good stuff.

Hard for the camera to know where to focus!

Its main virtue is that it dries quickly, unlike a cotton cloth that stays soggy and gets smelly before too long. Well, that is its only virtue, perhaps, but still, it's appealing!

I still have most of two balls of this yarn, so I shall whip up a couple more of these and we'll see how they work out.

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