Saturday, November 12, 2016

The quest for the perfect brown continues

The leaves have been quite wonderful this fall. We haven't had much rain, so there are still yellow, brown and red leaves holding on to the branches, and the ones that have fallen have faded, but not turned to rained-on, driven-over mush.

Not in focus, but very brown. I think my perfect brown yarn will have to be a semi-solid at least, if not crazily variegated to get all the texture and colours in.

Rich, rich brown!

Red and green make brown... Most of the great browns are more lovely seen against the clear blue sky. 

This is definitely yellow and not red or brown. It's a volunteer maple tree which appeared in our hedge a few years ago. We have tried to smooth its way upward, trimming the hedge away and making sure it was watered. All in hopes, of course, that it would be one of those maples with the glorious red leaves. You can't always get what you want...