Sunday, November 13, 2016

I might finish this for Christmas

I took a couple of pictures of this, but right in the window, and my poor phone camera couldn't really handle it. All glary and the saturated colours just blew its little mind.

It will one day be a thing to keep Stephen warm. This is a breast-plate, or you might call it part of a dickie. He gave me this yarn last Christmas, with explicit instructions. He wants something that will fit under his bike helmet, cover his neck and allow him to open his coat a bit without freezing. So I imagine a ribbed neck on this, merging into a helmet-hat thingmabob.

It is taking forever because (I've ignored it for months on end and...) I can't memorize this blasted slip-stitch pattern, and I have to make the shape up as I go along. The yarn is soft and nice to work with, but you know, I would never have chosen these colours.

Onward. I hope to finish this piece today, but perhaps I am dreaming; I have to figure out some neck shaping, and do I make a separate piece for the back or continue down the other side on this one?

The temptation to shove it back in the drawer is strong...

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