Saturday, November 26, 2016

Found some more treasures

I came across a few more pattern booklets that might hold some gems for my vintage accessory knitalong next year.

This one has rather ordinary scarves and slippers and so on. No novel teacosies that I recall.

This one is very glamorous. How do you make the hat on the left?? Shall we perhaps find out?

Toys and novelties! Ducks, doll clothes, and many bags.

Treasures! I'm not sure there is a pattern for the pirate hat, but that would be a great thing, wouldn't it?

Today you also get a free recipe. I am having friends over for dessert, and I have made coffee panna cotta. I once saw a recipe for something like this in a magazine, which had a photo of it being served in pretty china teacups. Of course, I have pretty teacups, so I had to make the dessert! Will report in tomorrow.

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