Friday, December 02, 2016

A hint of things to come

Once upon a time, I picked up a cookbook that my neighbour was getting rid of. It was the Centennial Year Cook Book of the Timmins chapter of the Hadassah Daughters of Isreal. (Second edition!)

My neighbour's onetime mother-in-law had contributed many recipes, but this lady, Mrs Mark Hoffman, was very generous as well, especially with the "things in Jello" recipes. I can tell you now that I couldn't find julienned beets in a can, and had to julienne canned sliced beets. I can also tell you that a canned beet has virtually no flavour. I assume the horseradish and lemon jelly will be sufficient!

It's all a bit hard to photograph, but somehow when I unmold it tomorrow, I'll show you in all its glory. (I hope!)


  1. Notice the misspelling of stalk? I'm looking forward to the finished photo.


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