Saturday, December 10, 2016

Pinky yarn becomes a hat

This is Odessa, by Grumperina, made with two strands of pink/orange sock yarn held together. One of the great pre-Ravelry popular patterns, as you can see from the gallery. We were show-offs before there was Rav.

Funny, in that gallery, my previous Odessa is very close to the top. That was made in the summer of 2007, and I joined Ravelry in October of that year. And so did everyone else, I guess, and we lost interest in things like designer-kept project galleries.

It is still a great hat pattern. I love the swirls, and looking back at that previous post I am reminded how great it looks with stripes. I wish I'd read that before embarking on this one; I would have contrived a stripe or two somehow! 

This will go to one of the Scrabble ladies for Christmas. Now I just need to think of something Arthur would like...


  1. So, of the gazillion hats in the gallery, which one was yours? Dad liked the cookies. : - )

  2. Yes, there was a time before "Revelry" as one of my knitting students calls it. I had forgot this pattern entirely. Maybe a perfect gift knit in the time remaining.


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