Monday, December 05, 2016

Knitting news

I started a cowl with this orangey pinkish fingering wool. I think it's actually a wool/silk blend and it is very nice to work with. This is my second attempt because it turned out I didn't like the first thing I tried.

It is a lace pattern with yarnovers and knit-three-togethers, something on every row; no plain knitting. The pattern repeats every four rows, and it's not hard to visualize or remember, but on every row after the first two I found mistakes, and the final straw was when I came to a point where the whole K3tog had apparently not been done at all and the stitches had dropped down several rows. (I know, it's only a few rows, maybe six pattern rows, but still...) Some people can fix their lace without frogging*; I am not one, and if I'm going to rip out four or five rows, I might as well rip the whole thing and go back to my mitten... which is what I have done.

*There is a happy ending.
Thanks to someone on Ravelry who found that post when I asked about it. I thought it was in the last 5 years; it was 10 years ago!

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