Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Got some new old magazines

Someone on Ravelry was getting rid of these old magazines, and wanted scraps of yarn to make cat-toy mice with in return, so, double win for me. I had a bag of small balls I had been keeping in case the kids wanted to do spool knitting, but since they hadn't, for several years, I gave her that and got a big bag of goodies. 

Lux, the soap, made super fashion-y knitting books. Love this outfit for watching the races. 

Even a pattern for a knitting bag! I doubt it would hold its shape in actual use, and it looks like it might get unbalanced and tip all your stuff out, but it's a nice idea.

Another book had these great kids' patterns: a little dress, a coat and a hockey uniform!

There were also several Vogue Knitting magazine and other things.

Sad news... The woman who makes toys for cats has cats, and all these gems were covered in cat dander; just flipping through them gives me sniffles and headaches. I might scan a few things, but I can't keep them.

At least I got rid of those little scraps...


  1. Too bad about the cat dander, but hopefully you can copy them. It looks very 40s ish. I wonder how many kids wore home knitted hockey outfits. If they were in the right colours, it would be fine, I guess. Maybe someone else who wasn't allergic to cats would like the mags in a trade?

  2. Canada's future hockey star better learn how to stand up in skates!


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