Monday, September 18, 2017

Dropped the ball

I saw another three movies last week, but just ran out of steam! Quick notes now that I've sort of recovered:
  • Luk'luk'I is the Musqueam word for the part of the world which is now Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. There's been a lot of gentrification of a lot of neighbourhoods in Vancouver, but the Downtown Eastside is still pretty miserable. This film has at its centre the final hockey game of the 2010 Olympic Games that were held in Vancouver, but deals with poor people way on the periphery: addicts, prostitutes, people with disabilities and HIV. A hybrid of documentary and scripted movie, not very hopeful... and there were even UFO's. I doubt it will be a big hit, but it was interesting.  
  • Dragonfly Eyes was one of the oddest movies I saw! It was entirely made up of CCTV footage. The story seemed to be made to include certain bits; I mean, why would you make your heroine work in a dairy farm except to include that great shot with the cow and the truck? Somehow, it all worked. There are bits in shops and fights in alleys and lots of dashcams showing road rage and crashes. That one I'd definitely see again and take all my friends. 
  • Lastly, I saw Faces Places. Lovely! (They seem to have taken down the film's page, but there is an interview.) Agnes Varda and JR travel around France taking pictures of people and making giant B&W prints which they paste up on walls, on barns, on stacks of shipping containers. Just talking to people, talking about art... a very wonderful film, and I'm not the only one who thinks so, as it won the People's Choice award for documentary. 
Next time, knitting!

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