Tuesday, September 12, 2017

September's hat

I always like to have a hat to knit while waiting in line at TIFF. This year, however, I started a wee bit too early, and finished it before the festival even started. Heavens, I'll need to make another post about the thing I actually am knitting in line!

This is another vintage pattern, a hat called, appropriately, Spiral.  It comes in three sizes, and lists needles to use but no gauge. I think that really with this yarn I could have used a bit smaller needle or even made the teen size. The hat fits but could be a bit snugger.

All the pretty colours. Too bad that nice bright blue is sort of hidden under the brim when it's worn. 

You knit the spiral brim, then a bit of ribbing, then continue with the spiral. Very nice. The pattern says to knit the hat flat and seam it, and if you do that you just knit an odd number of rows of ribbing and then work the new right side on the old wrong side, so that both right sides show when the brim is folded up. I was knitting in the round and so there is a tiny hole somewhere where I just turned the whole thing around.

This selfie business is never as easy as it looks.

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