Thursday, September 07, 2017

Three things

On this Think Write Thursday we are to share three things off our to-do list. Here goes!

  1. Figure out how to have a perfectly cooked roast chicken dinner here tomorrow when I am out all afternoon
  2. Knit a sweater while standing in lines
  3. Clean the house
Number 1 is the most challenging, I think. My brother is popping in today and staying for a couple of days. Tonight he's out for dinner, but tomorrow is the perfect opportunity for us all to have a nice meal together. TIFF starts tonight and I am going to see The Final Year tomorrow afternoon. So, I get everything set up in the morning, leave the chicken in the pan in the fridge, Elaine gets home from school, takes chicken out of the fridge, puts it in the oven exactly the right amount of time before everyone else gets home. Yeah, it'll work... (I realize there are lots of people who manage to make dinner every night although they are out all afternoon! Privilege...)

The second item on the list is also a stretch for me. Usually I knit a hat while standing in lines at TIFF, but I cast on this year's hat days ago and just tried out the pattern... and finished it already. What I am keen on now is a big ol' sweater for Elaine, which I am knitting in the round, so my project bag will be a bit bigger than usual! Two colours, but I hope that since I'm doing wide stripes I'll really only have to carry one colour per day. Maybe? 

And that third item is just the constant that is always on the list. I'll get to it some day. 

I could have added "write blog" on this list. Without prompts like Think Write Thursday my blogging is pretty erratic, so I am glad to have it, although I don't always do it. It is some work for the organizers to come up with something every week, so thanks to Carole and Kat. Go see what other people have on their lists, here

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  1. I'm with you on #3, so I put something more specific.


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