Sunday, April 29, 2018

Busy Mary

Right now I should be making a birthday cake for my dear husband, but I think first I'll post some dishrag pictures.

This is a round cloth, a bit small for dishes, I think, and it is made of baby pastel cotton. A spa cloth? Something for a new baby? I knit is last night while listening to a friend's band play some jazz in a Mexican restaurant!

This one was started for film festival knitting. I have seen four movies but not stood in very many lines.

Quite a nice pattern, but I'm not fond of pretty, pale colourways for dishcloths! My practical side just knows it will look like crap after a few washes. And those slipped stitch floats: will a knife point get caught?

I have started a post about this year's Hot Docs festival but haven't got very far. I can tell you I have seen four really good movies, and that I will update you soooon!

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