Monday, April 16, 2018

Muffin Monday: Miracle Date Nut

More muffins, still hard to deal with photos.

The funny thing about these Miracle Date Nut muffins: there are no nuts! Nutmeg, yes; nuts, no.

I had to use up the second half of my jar of Miracle Whip, so I made these muffins, the second (and last) recipe in the book to use it. As it happened, I was a bit short (Did I put too much in the previous muffins, or did some get used in a sandwich or something?) so I topped my cup measure up with mayonnaise.

I bought dates, but the package (the brick!) said "pitted dates," not "chopped dates." So I had to hack at the solid mass of sticky dates, with moderate success. I'd say the dates could have been in smaller pieces. You pour boiling water over them. I wonder if I should have tried to chop them after that. I'm sure there is another date recipe in the book so I'll work on that.

The bit of spice perks things up, and the texture of these muffins is okay, unlike the banana ones. I think it might be because there is half a cup of bran in, which gives them some heft. Still, I am waiting to discover a new excellent recipe.

On Wednesday I go out west to see family. I had hoped to have my new green sweater to wear, but I still have to not only sew the sleeves on, but also make some sort of button bands or front edging. I am going for 6 days, so of course I had the whole coffee table covered with possible knitting projects!

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