Thursday, April 05, 2018

Looking back

Once upon a time I knit this sweater. It is cotton, brightly coloured, lacy. 

The pattern came out in 1987 and I am sure I had leftovers of this yarn by the end of the 90s. Not much to pin it down, but I think I didn't start this when I had little children, so let's say mid-90s. After 1993 but before 1997. 

An all-over pattern like this would drive me nuts now, and I would want to throw in a cable or something, but I persevered, and isn't it nice! 

I think this was one of my first times using mattress stitch for seaming. Look how smooth and secret that seam is! Really, I am so clever sometimes.

I am posting this because I recently looked in at the Vogue Knitting group on Ravelry, and they are doing a thing where they knit pattern #18 from any VK magazine. This, as it happens, is #18 from Spring-Summer 1987.

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  1. Well, you must have done a great knitting job (that seam is seamless!) if that lovely sweater is 20 odd years old.
    I'm still using the little vesties you knit me eight years ago - every winter.
    Hoping L's plane can land tomorrow.


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