Friday, April 06, 2018

Latest knitting

This is not some weird miniskirt, but a cowl to keep someone's neck warm. Warmish... it's mainly acrylic and cotton so not super warm, but it is an extra layer.

Must work on my selfie skills; I had to crop most of this picture away.

Now I can knuckle down and knit the sleeves of my green Wakanda creation. I see that I have been remiss about showing you that!

Some of the back:

Top of the back (you might be able to see the twinkle of a sequin or two here):

Left front:

Whole front:

I've sewn the ends in on all that, and washed it so it lies flatter and has smoothed out a bit. I have about half a sleeve. I am going to visit family in BC in a couple of weeks and would love to have this done by then.

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