Friday, October 20, 2006

The true list of things to be knitted

Roughly a year ago, okay, 11 months ago, I asked the terrible question, "Am I really getting nowhere on lots of projects at once??" and I find myself asking the same dang question again! And that pile of knitting from November 2005... not all finished or dealt with.

From last year:

pink cardigan -- done, used, perfect

orange socks -- done... but they have Arthur-sized feet and Elaine-sized legs. All I have to do is rip them back a bit and redo the toes. Maybe that should be a goal for Halloween!

multidirectional scarf -- done... but it never found a home. It is long and unisex and not red, and I shall give it to the Red Scarf Project.

denim -- After trying this and that, the denim was made into a baby sweater and a lovely bag, which is just awaiting handles. Really, not hard...

TSTMMS -- not done, but I have most of a sleeve as well as the body. I have some new Kureyon that will go into it, and I'm keen, but it's big and it still makes us sneeze... I need to do the sleeves so I can free up the small circ being used! It's great for hats.

Summer Tweed sleeve -- made into a stole, nice. Still have the sleeve and some other scraps.

afghan of DK wool squares -- ahh, still occasionally making a square. I have another square project, but the yarn I'm using for that is not as nice.

So, really, three things left over that have to be dealt with: the socks, the denim bag, the big sweater, and the afghan. Okay, four things. Hmm.

New things, adding to the heap:

The green rockpool cardi.

Reddish scarf, Red Scarf Project scarf. No picture of it in its present incarnation.

I'm quite enjoying the socks. Love the colour knitted up more than in the ball. I've turned the heel.

Squares for the school afghan.

I got red cotton yarn to make Elaine a dress. Very cute and fun to knit, I think. Not started, but eagerly anticipated. This is not a WIP, but it's oppressing me, nonetheless!

Oh, and the big pullover I just finished? It has such a wide body and drop shoulders, and the shoulder seams hit just above my elbow, and drive me crazy. I lie awake imagining that I will rip it down to the armholes and reknit it in the round with raglan decreases. I'd really like to wear it in the next few weeks!

Enough of this handwringing! Must take Elaine to ballet class and then knit something on my list! Action!

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