Thursday, October 26, 2006

For Anne -- a walk or two

Anne is looking for pictures from a trip to the shops. Today I went north for groceries...

First past the Ball and Hockey Playing Prohibited sign. We get around this by-law thusly: We're not playing ball and we're not playing hockey -- we're playing ball hockey. Nobody's ever been stopped.

Often this street is busier. Looks kinda deserted here!

To Loblaws, where they are selling


I didn't buy either of these things, but did get some milk and cookies. Crazy, eh? But I needed the cookies to feed to the kids at school in the knitting group! And the milk, well, I just needed milk. Since we live around the corner, going to the store is practically an everyday occurrence.

And then I went south to mail a letter. I went past the sushi restaurant with plastic sushi in the window

and here's the smutty theatre and the Korean grocery. Toronto is famously diverse, and I live in the yuppie, Korean, smutty neighbourhood, I guess...

And no walk about the 'hood would be complete without a stop at the decorated house. Spiderman in a tree! Note the wooden collages on the bricks of the house!