Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Castlegar, knitwise

There are at least three thrift stores in Castlegar, but one of them was completely inaccessible, since it's not on the route to the park, and why on earth would the kids walk anywhere that didn't lead to the park? However, the two that I did get to were treasure troves (of a certain kind of treasure).

I picked up a bunch of old patterns for 10-25 cents each.
The yellow outfit -- hooded jacket, pants, booties and mitts -- is all made of Phentex, Tomorrow's Yarn Today! Imagine the poor kid! And think how fluffy it would get!
Then there's the see-through, chunky-knit dresses! It boggles the mind, doesn't it?
The little pink number in the ski lodge is kinda cute, actually, isn't it? Makes me think of I Dream of Jeannie, or Mrs Jetson.
And a real sweater! The bluebird of happiness, all charted out for us.
I also got a book of kid patterns which has a nice aran-style coat in it, and one of oddball things to make and sell at bazaars. Tea cosies, cushion covers, golf club covers...

I doubt any of these will be gracing my needles any time soon, but it's so fun to find them. Since the kids were being bossy, and since my days of buying a single ball of potentially okay thrift store yarn are over (for now, anyways, but I think I'm going to a yarn swap on Sunday) I didn't come home with any yarn.

Got a pair of needles (green!) and a bit of a Halloween costume for Elaine, but mostly just old pattern books.

And these are my latest socks. They got started mid-holiday, but were mostly knitted on the plane home. The needles are 2.25 mm, very cheap plastic, too long, dull and bendy as all heck. Not my favourite kind, but certainly not threatening to other passengers on an airplane.

I also took along some blue yarn for a scarf for the Red Scarf Project. Yeah -- blue, red, whatever. It's a fine scarf, or will be when it is done. Made of stash yarn on wooden things that may well have been chopsticks in a previous life.

My Projects on the Go list is getting out of hand again. Oh my, what to do? I guess I could finish stuff, or take it off the list and pretend it isn't an issue... The latter is more likely, isn't it?